Student - Testimonials

* Feeling Confident after the workshop – Rashi, Class 7th Student, Amadeus High School, Gurgaon
* I am feeling relaxed & was able to express myself for the first time, what I wanted to ; Do more such workshops –    Manjulika, Class 8th student, Amadeus High School, Gurgaon
* I am feeling that I can be more focused now – Pooja Naik, Class 7th , The Heritage School, Gurgaon
* I am feeling greatly inspired – Maanavi Panwar, Class 12th DPS RK Puram, New Delhi
* Feeling good, and relaxed as I am not the only one with challenges, others also feel the same way; good to
  interact with others & explore – Aamena Class 8th The Shriram School,Gurgaon
* I want to share a lot with the group. It has given me confidence – Shreya Class 8th, Amadeus High School,
* I am feeling relaxed. I enjoyed the workshop – Aditya Aggarwal, Class 8th DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon
* I am feeling more confident. I want this workshop to go on ….. – Anushree Class 8th DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon
* I am feeling nice and confident – Kritika Class 8th DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Name Feedback
Mukta Singh This workshop is very interesting. I will adopt so many things from now onwards and define my goals and achieve them
Sumit Dahiya After the workshop I realized the importance of the guidance for this age and how I can be an ideal person
Nikhil Pujari I feel very much energetic and enthusiastic after the workshop. Now I have realized so many things, which I have never thought so far.
Amit Mishra I feel better and I enjoyed the workshop. This is one of the most important days of my life and I have changed today!
Harsh Dwivedi I am feeling very nice. The fears which were inside me has come out today and I am feeling better now.
Neyoshi Mishra After the workshop I came to know what actually the meaning of “LIFE” is. I understood that each one of us is blessed with a talent and is on earth for a purpose
Shivani Vyavhare I feel very fresh, relaxed and energetic because of the workshop and the good things about our life.


Name Feedback
Debadrita Bose I feel great and obviously I have picked up clues and tips to strengthen my relation with my parents and how to fulfill my dreams. After today my thoughts are surely gonna change for the better. I know how to express myself more now and obviously Puneet uncle did a great job – there could not have been another person to be so good.
Rini Sengupta After this workshop the only word that comes to my mind to describe this workshop is ‘SUPERB’! Right now I am feeling very positive towards my life and since this workshop has influenced me so positively the only thing that is currently running in my mind is nothing but “YES, I CAN DO IT AND CAN MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE THROUGH HARD WORK AND SINCERE EFFORTS AND YES LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST … I CAN DO IT!
Adarsh Mohata After attending this workshop, a new feeling of being responsible has finaly woke up. Might be due to the way of presentation, I have been able to magnify my passions. Dreams are now possible to be converted into reality by providing hard work and extra work EVERYDAY!
Chanda Singh I feel freshness and a passion inside me to achieve something. From today I will not loose my passion. This workshop is not just only workshop, it is a great shower of a bright future by using some extra-ordinary thoughts in our life
Roesha Roy I came here to simply spend time, but now I feel that I am taking back so much into myself! I know not whether this is a learning or just fun; what I know is that I feel really happy. I even want to contented and to do so, I will now put my thoughts into action. I somewhat rediscovered myself, my thoughts, promtness etc. I interacted with many people and Puneet uncle for the 1st time and it feels so nice. This is always going to be a wonderful memory of my life!
Swastik Pandit Today’s program will help me realize my dreams and the path to achieve it. I realized how I was hurting other people’s feelings everyday to fulfill my purpose. I have decided to give 100% attention in any work I do from today and I will give the same attention everyday to all the work I do. I would reconsider my actions and ask for advice from my parents.
Anju Singh My feeling about this workshop is that I will start working hard everyday. I understand that how we will work hard.
Ashita Banerjee It was a good feeling to come across all this what happened in workshop today. It was exciting. I have come to know a lot from this. I have learned how to fulfill our dreams.
Amrita Ghosh After this workshop I am feeling really nice. I can understand the actual meaning of the term “adolescent” now. The workshop was very self motivating and has guided me. It will help us in becoming better human beings later in life ….
Sourav Das Today I felt that practice everyday makes a man perfect. I had maximum fun when we did Adolescent exercise. Earlier I was confused what to write in the workbook but now I am so happy.
Yuvika Shaw I am feeling very happy and nice. I am feeling some positive difference in me. I was earlier reluctant to come here, but now I am feeling happy I came!