Parents Coaching

What really is COACHING?

"I don`t need any one for coaching and counseling – I have so much experience of being a parent" OR "I meet so many counselors in my child`s school" OR "My friend is a very good counselor for people and children". This is what you will normally hear if you try to talk to parents about the seriousness of parent-child relationships.

Coaching is basically a model to help parents or anyone define their own solutions to an issue than providing that issue.

Coaching is not counseling as it primarily focus on advising and giving solutions.
Parent Coaching is a new concept and we, Atmachetna are pioneer in bringing this new concept to India. We do not want it to become another fad in Indian society but really want to change the way parents view their relationships with their children.

Parent Coaching is simple and primarily a dialogue process, where an expert coach helps you to find your answers to parenting issues.

"At times, we all become overwhelmed. An effective coach, however, has to be able to help people see the end goal, to take one step at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by the issues."
- Byron & Catherine Pulsifer

Register for Parent Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are spread over 6-9 months, depending on parents comfort level. Every month 1 session of 1 hour is held between coach and client, physically or over the phone. Register by writing to us at