Abracadabra – where mazik begins!s

Abracadabra is an Activity Learning Center. Its a place:

* For the children to unwind themselves.
* That will help them develop their 8 Multiple-intelligences through hands-on learning with lots of fun.
* That is a learning center but no teachers - only mentors & friends.
* Providing Experiential learning for life-skills
* Where the activities focus on developing their potential into actual intelligence.
* Having a well-defined library with interesting books & Edu-CDs
* Where each child would be respected for his or her uniqueness

Abracadabra is not a hobby class, or a school or a just a play area. We call it an activity learning center - a magical place full of information, knowledge, skills, activities and resources. It spells magic, as we call it, with an almost endless range of opportunities from every area of life - the arts, sciences, sports, recreational activities, social interaction.

You have 2 options to choose from:

Magik Weekday program

Mazical Weekend program

Mon to Friday (2 batches) - 2.30 to 4.30 pm & 4.30 to 630

Saturday 1 batch (to begin with) – 10am to 1pm

Will launch 2nd batch from 2 pm to 5pm once 1st batch is full

Abracadabra will help kids (Class 1-4) PLAY & LEARN.
P – Physical activities like games, yoga, and aerobics for health
L – Life skills like hygiene, visiting post office, and banks to manage life better
A - Amazing & surprising facts about life and world
Y - Yearning for creativity


L - Library of books and CDs to impart knowledge
E - Experimenting with science and math & learn with fun
A - Arts & crafts with a number of interesting activities to develop the artistic skills
R - Real Life situations and activities such as gardening, and pottery
N - Nature, our source of existence is most important. We take you through a series of activities to help you learn and understand this nature including trees, plants, and water.
Some of the Activities for Class 5-8, like
* Excursion trips
* Nature walks
* Inspi rational talks by experts
* Group tasks
* Yoga & aerobics
* Library
* Creative skills building – Arts, crafts, pottery
* Life Skills Building
* Young scientist program
* Multiple Intelligence test based on Howard Gardner's MI profile
* Health & hygiene
* Theatre & puppetry
* Career guidance

Abracadabra will open again soon!