Parents Workshops

It`s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can`t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself!
- Joyce Maynard

Atmachetna has designed and developed programs which will help you understand and enjoy the journey of parenting. Some of the programs are listed below:


Just Parents
Parenting is a wonderful journey. "'We have just become parents – but we don't know what it means for both of us – the parents". This workshop is specially designed for the new parents on managing their life, introducing parenting concepts and how it's different for each one of them and how together they can raise kids.

Positive Parenting
It's a workshop for every parent who wants to build a positive energy in their family. The program is interactive and discusses in detail the concept of parenting style, positive parenting and Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It creates wonders if the concepts are applied in real life situations.

Raising Teenagers
One of the most sought after programs, it caters to parents of teenagers who are looking for concepts to handle ever-changing issues of their growing children. It looks into the issues of communication, relationships, generation-gap, expectations and many more. It's an interactive workshop which will help you ask questions to yourself and seek their answers which are unique for you. The purpose here is to help parents of teens towards mutual understanding and happiness!

Single Parent
Today's society has many single parents managing & raising kids with unique issues and challenges. These workshops are specifically designed to help single parents understand these issues & challenges and work towards a happy family. Learn how to keep the focus on the child, resolve conflicts, and establish routines and limits.

Know your Parenting Style
Each parent, like an individual, is unique and different. Their behavior and relationships are based on their life journey. It's important for parents to know their parenting style through a structured process and then take appropriate steps to change, if needed for effective parenting.

Managing Parental Stress
Parenting is an enjoyable journey, but at times parents feel stressed and confused. This workshop is for them to handle and manage the stress well leading to positive feelings for them and in their family.

Communicate with kids
Many a time parents and their kids do not have any communication or inadequate or improper communication. Communication workshop takes you to importance of healthy communication between a child and parents and some quick tips for the same.

Enhancing Self-Esteem for your child
Self Esteem comes from Self-Worth & Self Confidence. A child can achieve success if he/she has good self esteem in him/her. This workshop helps parents understand the importance of Self Worth to a child and ways to enhance it.

Work & Family Balance
Parents whether working or otherwise are always short of time. They have their own pressures and aspirations and at times find it difficult to manage their work and family well. This workshop equips them to manage their work & family effectively.

Positive Disciplining
Discipline, one of the most important aspects for everyone is a troubling issue for each parent. As times are changing many parents are not able to effectively understand and deploy right approach for discipline. It is taken in a negative connotation while talking of discipline. This program helps you as parent to understand how “Positive Discipline” can make a difference.