Parent - Testimonials

* Feeling refreshed after the workshop – Vani, Mother of 2 kids
* I am feeling relaxed – Anuja Singh, Mother of a teenager & a tween
* I got what I wanted – Rajesh Varma, Father of a Teenager
* I am feeling refreshed; before coming here I never expected I will get so much – Sachin Naik, Father of 2 kids
* I am feeling good that we could share so much – Rajesh, Father of a teenager and a kid
* Thoughtful – Kanchan, Mother of a teenage daughter
* Feeling positive about the change in me ; want to start with my kids – Vijay Kumar, Father of a teenage daughter
* Got a good forum to share & learn from others – Sarah, Mother of teenager and a kid

Madhya Pradesh

Name Feedback
Lakhanlal Feeling excellent and enjoyed the friendly environment in workshop and how to know the issues of teenagers
Manjari Behera I enjoyed the program a lot and learn many things
S G Pujari Very good program and the examples shared. We learnt a lot about thinking of teenagers
Vaishali Vyavhare Feeling happy. Nice to know how we can stay happy with our kids
Tushar Vyavhare Excellent Eye opener, refreshed and learning being understanding our children and their needs.
Pratibha Mishra Feeling very-very nice after the workshop
Ashok Sarkar A new feeling about our teenagers and how to behave with them
P Behera Feeling enthusiastic and energetic. Motivated to take care of our children to give shape to their inherent quality.
Naseema Through this program learn a lot of new things and realized that how we can behave and communicate with our kids.

Gurgaon & Kolkata

Name Feedback
Sanjay Thanks for changing my thought process through simple things in the workshop
Dharamvir Shaw A good teacher and a good motivator as well
Suman You have given a valuable insight on my strengths and areas of improvement. Thank you sir!
S Karim It was wonderful to have you for the workshop which made us confident and positive to overcome any challenge
Abhishek Thank you for providing us the support and guidance!
Supriya Mr Rathi, thank you for the perspective J Really appreciate the workshop
Thejaswi Your values in life are great examples for us. Thanks for the guidance
Aditya Puneet- a mighty motivating person, you have instilled a lot of confidence & passion in me. THANK U SO MUCH
Naseema Through this program learn a lot of new things and realized that how we can behave and communicate with our kids.


Name Feedback
S Banerjee I am feeling what mistakes we have made during my earlier life and how I can have positive life ahead. I will try change my behaviour also.
Mrs Shaw I got the opportunity to make self assessment of my dealing with others and to know their feelings about me.
Manoj Mohta I am feeling much more confident in handling my child as I know areas of improvement and his feelings.
Mrs S Ghosh I am very comfortable about the learning I have got. I am feeling really nice and will try my best to be positive.
Radha Raman Ganguly Program is excellent. Lots of learning. Would like to attend more sessions. Overall fantastic!
S Dey Very good interactive session. It will help me improve my relations with others. It will help us to understand others also and their feelings.
Mrs Sarkar This is eye opening program for me and for all of us. I am very happy and emotional to know my feelings and others also.
Moushami Ghosh I am feeling more confident and I am convinced that I have played the role of a parent quite ok.  It was a real pleasure experience today.
Amrita Choudhary Was quite reluctant to attend! Having to spend a day and attending a class! Didn’t quite expect such a wonderful interactive session. Thanks for the lovely time and more so for making us realize our dreams and passion.
Rajal Roy This is a self awakening program which has been conducted in a simple and effective manner. I am feeling to strive to become better human being and help my kids too!