Corporate Sector

These programs are designed especially for people working in corporate sector and are normally planned through HR department of the company. Corporate executives are exposed to multiple pressures from job, family, society and they are looking for some fast solutions. Organizations want their 100% attention to jobs. These workshops will create a win-win agenda for both – executives and organizations.

We have student specific programs also. These programs can also be arranged for the kids of employees in the company.


Happiness and Positivity Workshop New
It's a workshop for every person who wish to bring a positive self, positive environment, positive family and positive society. Its designed to bring out the best in every person in a positive way. This workshop is totally experential and without Power Point Presentation. The genesis is based on the premise that we in current times are exposed to so much negativity around that we ourselves get influenced by the same.

Positive Parenting
It's a workshop for every parent who wants to build a positive energy in their family. The program is interactive and discusses in detail the concept of parenting style, positive parenting and Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It creates wonders if the concepts are applied in real life situations.

Raising Teenagers
One of the most sought after programs, it caters to parents of teenagers who are looking for solutions to ever-changing & different issues of their growing children. It looks into the issues of communication, relationships, generation-gap, expectations and many more. It's an interactive workshop which will help you ask questions to yourself and seek their answers which are unique for you. The purpose here is to help parents of teens towards mutual understanding and happiness!

Bridge Program (2 days – each day 5.5 hours) Target: Teens & their parents
Batch Size: Max 22 teens on day 1 and 44 parents on day 2

It's a workshop for teenagers and their parents and helps to build the so-called generation gap between them. One of the most successful programs by us till date; it has been widely appreciated across India and in UAE and the results has been fabulous.

It broadly covers:
· Understanding teenage & teenager
· Revisiting Past issues, Identifying Present challenges and defining future plans
· Expectations of kids from parents & vice-versa
· Defining the road-map for better relationships
· Understanding challenges of each other (parents & kids)