Teacher's - Testimonials

Petit High School for girls – Mumbai

Name Feedback
Neelima The workshop was an eye opener. We enjoyed every bit of it. It was interactive learning experience. Thank you for your valuable time
Maya Shetye It was motivating and made me feel like I am doing the most important job in the whole world! I am determined to better myself in all the areas that I have found myself lacking. I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate in such fabulous workshop. Thank you Mr Rathi.
Nandkumar S Excellent. Wonderfully conducted. Has really set me thinking. Will help me improve. I thank You!
Anahita Cassinath I had a wonderful enriching time
Veera Dastur Although I have a teacher for 35 years. I never stop learning and wanting to improve. Thank you for such interactive sessions and making me share. I found the workshop stimulating and I ended up feeling more positive and capable. Thank you!
Khubi W Dear Puneet, thank u for a most interesting, enriching, lively workshop. You made us feel so good about ourselves. We will hone ourselves in future. Thanks again!
Ela It was nice to remember all that we tend to forget over the years. With the pressure of work and family. It was great workshop, which helped us to introspect and plan.
Sangeeta Overall I have learnt quite a bit and have enjoyed your workshop. The exercises were good. Thanks for an enjoyable day!
Anahita (principal) Puneet, you created an environment that was charged with positivity – bringing out the best in us! You touched our hearts and I am enriched as my teachers are! Thank you with all my heart. With gratitude!
Darshini Shah It was a fantastic workshop. Very creative and motivating. As a new teacher, it truly shows me the right path to follow and gives me the confidence to think that my decision to be a teacher was indeed a good one. Regards & thanks!
Ninoo Barve It was a good workshop. It gave us fresh insight into many aspects. It was time well spent!
S Shah The workshop was interesting because it made me realize who I am and reminded me of the qualities I had that were still latent in hibernation. The workshop pepped me up.
Rashna Desai Thank you for a very well-planned, sensitively handled and intellectually stirring workshop. I also enjoyed all the activities and exercises. Thanks for believing in all of us! And making us feel proud of ourselves.
R M Chaterjee Interesting. Interactive. Eye-opener. Reassuring. Touching
K Dastoor Very good workshop. The examples and quotes which you gave were insightful. Also very good questions to understand ourselves better. Thank you!
Effie D’Souza You have helped me to feel rejuvenated. Your soft tomne made me listen to you even better than a person with a loud booming voice. Exercises that I have done today are a refreshing start to a fresh new year. Thank you very much!
Navroz Batlivala It was wonderful experience being in your workshop. You have given me so many insights, ideas and creative ways by which I can improve myself. Thank you!
Un-named Good learning experience. It is a positive start to the year ahead for being an effective teacher. Well presented!